About Us

Welcome to DV Service

DV Service is the first choice for those who don’t compromise on the quality of their artwork. DV Service is one of professional embroidery digitizing company from United States and we are serving digitizing service since 4 years.

We have experienced digitizers, designers & embroiders teams that have wide experience. We deliver quality digitized files with compatible stitches, least thread trims and color changes, compatible with all embroidery machines. We create high-resolution vector art from low resolution photos or other images we have expert vector artist that can surely convert any design file into digital vector format.

Quality Meets Your Standards

Every business has it’s own principles of quality measures. That is why we establish a standard for your business in the first place, to provide consistent digitizing service without any troubles.

Becoming part of your promise made to your client means us to provide accurate and on time.

When you win a deal, we win too. Our estimates can give you a basic idea of how many stitches will a design take. So, you can make your calculations and plan your quotes accordingly.

Avail Top-Notch Service

We offer to digitize embroidery services with the high-quality as well as at the reasonable price. We have been in the digitizing field for many years and have done many complex, amazing and beautiful designs that competitor the most excellent in industry. As well as we offer the Custom Sports Logo/Designs according to our customer’s needs and requirements. We will provide the 100% stratification to the customers. Our company has well-experienced and knowledgeable experts so know the ins and outs of the embroidery process and offer you the best and most successful results. Our each and every design is made to minimize the cotton changes, run effortlessly on your machine and produce hard looking designs.


We thanks for all our awesome testimonials! There are hundreds of our happy customers!
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